Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tiger Camping

 So, it was only two days and 362 miles, but it was worth it to get out and do a little overnighter. As my Dad used to say, "Go outside and git the stink blown off!"
 The Tiger performed very well over the two days. I did very little off road and the those capabilities are yet to be revealed for me. Aside from some fire roads, I haven't gotten this thing into the dirt, really.
 My riding partner was producer, Dan Masek. He has a H-D Sportster 1200 and between the two bikes we had enough room for all camping needs.
 We stayed at Cachuma Lake and wondered all of the outskirts of Santa Ynez valley and surrounding areas by day stopping for food, gas at a couple of motorcycle dealerships and in Solvang at a knife shop. The weather was mostly cool with occasional hot spells in the lower valleys.
 Great time and I am very happy so far with the Tiger.




Relaxing with iced coffee in Santa Ynez.


My pack.


Triumph factory side cases.


Hubba Hubba Tent


Z Tiger!


Side by side. H-D Sporty 1200 and the Triumph Tiger 800 XC. Two very different bikes!

Friday, July 19, 2013

These guys KNOW their Tigers!

Never been here or met these guys, but awesome info. I plan to check out their place next time I'm in town!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 1

Day 1 with the new Tiger 800 XC!

 Awesome day! Did a quick 100 miles to get a feel. Lot's of canyons and a little bit of fire road travel. Light rain made me feel like I was on an adventure bike just a little. This bike feels like you are floating!